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Persian carpets are the epitome of excellence, expertise, finesse and absolutely exquisite craftsmanship. They are second to none in their quality and embroidery. They are the best way to give your interiors an exotic, international feel that is distinct from the regular households.

Persian carpets have been woven for thousands of years, and they are still a huge part of Persian culture today. Exporting to over 100 countries and producing over five million square metres of carpet each year, carpets are one of Iran’s biggest exports. 4/5ths of all carpets woven in Iran are sold internationally by over a million expert weavers.


The manufacturing of Persian Rugs started as early as the Bronze Age in ancient Persia. Evidence of this can be found in the earliest surviving carpet, the Pazyryk carpet of the 5th century B.C. A plethora of environmental, sociopolitical, cultural, economic factors culminated to start the carpet making practice in ancient Persia. Carpets were made by the various nomadic and ethnic tribes for domestic purposes. But their brilliant works made them a favorite among the rich and carpets began to be made in huge numbers for court and for export. The carpets of various regions have various distinguishing features like the style of weaving, local symbols, geographical and cultural preferences.


Wool is the most favored material since the early days. But gradually cotton and silk carpets also began to be produced in large numbers. Silk carpets are most elaborate. Persian rugs and carpets employ the asymmetrical or single loop knotting technique to bind the threads together. Higher the knot counts per square inch in the warp, better the quality of the rug. Vertical and horizontal looms are used to make carpets. Rectilinear and curvilinear designs and patterns are most common. These days carpets are also made by machines in addition to traditional hand woven ones. The oldest carpets experienced many changes, improvements etc in the following ages. But the exquisite craftsmanship and absolutely beautiful designs and patterns have continued till date. 

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